New Rubenshuis building and garden to open on 30 August 2024 

Tickets available online  

The Rubenshuis will reopen on 30 August 2024. From then on, all visits start at 13, Hopland, where the brand-new building by Robbrecht en Daem architects is your gateway to the Rubens Experience, the lush renovated Baroque garden, and the library. A superb architectural design, a colourful museum gallery without a ceiling, 2,000 metres of books and paper, and a unique experience that is entirely geared towards the comfort of visitors. This marks the completion of the first phase of the renovation of the Rubenshuis. Tickets are available online as of today on the website of the Rubenshuis. 

 Robbrecht & Daem architects started from Rubens’s vision for the transformation of his home into a city palace, designing a contemporary building at 13, Hopland as a new entrance to the Rubenshuis. From 30 August, visitors will access the Rubens Experience, the lush renovated Baroque garden, and the library from this entrance. The artist’s universe is now more expansive and accessible to everyone. The museum’s offer now also focuses more on experience and comfort. Thanks to technology, visitors can immerse themselves in Rubens’s life and world in the Rubens Experience. Everyone can browse the many thousands of documents in the library as part of their research. The new garden has become the green extension of Rubens’s city palace. The contemporary design features 17,500 plants and flowers and will remain beautiful year-round thanks to the colour advice of Antwerp fashion designer Dries Van Noten. This verdant urban oasis also has a superb view of Rubens’s home. For now, the artist residence is closed as part of the ongoing restoration. This marks the completion of the first stage of the renovation of the Rubenhuis. 


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Nadia De Vree

Perscommunicatie Cultuur, Stad Antwerpen

Harlinde Pellens

Communicatie Rubenshuis, stad Antwerpen




About Rubenshuis

The master lived here in this house with his family for years and painted with his colleagues and assistants in a studio that he designed himself. He created many of his paintings in this house, in the centre of Antwerp.